Do you want Superfast Broadband ?

Government publicity says now is the time !

BT and Connecting Devon and Somerset presumably don’t think anyone in Compton Dundon knows what a computer is, let alone knows how to use one because they have  put us at the back of the queue for superfast cabinet upgrades. Perhaps they are right.

Why do you think Superfast Broadband is important ? :-

your child’s education

your business

for keeping in touch and updated

sourcing your needs

an essential utility

or even the effect on your house price ?

Then now maybe a good time to show there is an interest in Superfast Broadband in Compton Dundon. Are you prepared to indicate that you would like to use a Superfast Broadband Internet Service Provider of your choice ?

If so BT wishes to quantify the interest in Superfast Broadband in Compton Dundon.

The Parish Council needs to provide BT with a list of the telephone numbers of interested parties without any further commitment on your behalf.

Please  email me your phone number and I will forward it to BT to show your interest in using Superfast Broadband.

Check your friends and neighbours have joined in too ! Every little helps

WI Meeting – January 2015

At the Christmas party held in December Gill presented Anthea Bell with the skittles cup, Wendy Edwards being the surprised runner up.  The next match will be a Cup Round versus Pawlett W I on Friday January 23 at the Ring of Bells Ashcott.

Kathy was unable to attend the meeting as she is still recovering from a recent operation on her foot, she is making good progress but did not think it wise to venture out on one of the wildest nights of the winter Trish competently dealt with the business ably assisted by Janet We were very pleased to welcome visitors, and to record the enrolment of several new members.Subs were paid.

Apologies for absence included one from Verity, whose husband, Jim has some serious health problems – we wish him well and one from Kath Franks who is making slow progress but who is hoping to rejoin us in the Spring.

A recent fund raising stall held at the Big Breakfast and the Christmas dinner raised £200 for our depleted bank balance.

An invitation was received from Frances and Allen to join their Wassail celebrations at 12 noon January 18. Kathy thanked us for the plant she had received. We heard sad news from Wiviliscombe W I that Betty Knight had died but on a more positive note, Vicky, from Wilton Lodge has given birth to a baby girl, four weeks early but still weighing in at 8lbs 12ozs. A thank you letter from Yeovil and District Support Group for Osteoporosis for the recent donation on £20 forwarded by November’s speaker,  Rosemary Leaf.

Resolutions were to be found on page 39 of the latest W I  Life magazine and members were invited to vote for the resolution they wish to go forward for consideration.

Forthcoming events: Scrabble Wednesday January 21 at Mary’s 6.45 p m – new scrabblers very welcome.

Ladies who Lunch Wednesday January 21.

Bristol Hippodrome for Anton and Erin March 29

Possible  Group outing to Strode Theatre for Oliver the week commencing April 20 and for the film

Second Exotic Marigold Hotel the week commencing April 27.

Trip to the Matthew at Bristol August 18

News of members – Sally Walker is the new representative for W I on the village hall committee.

Betty Bowles celebrated her 90th birthday,congratulations Betty, and is hoping to come back to our meetings in the Spring.

Our Speaker, Martyn Steer spoke to us on Local Justice. Martyn told us of his previous life – he spent 27 years in the RAF, having joined on leaving school, spending three years at college. Martyn travelled all over the U K, Germany, Cyprus, Libya, and had lunch with Gadalfi. In 27 years Martyn and his wife moved house 18 times and one day he decided he did not want to do it any more.He became a school bursar and on retirement, was persuaded by a certain Gerry Castle  to join the ranks of Magistrates and was taken on board in 2009. No further recruitment is taking place as the work load has reduced due to some matters being dealt with “out of court”. Martyn warned us that the following talk would not be a barrel of laughs but encouraged us to interrupt along the way to enlighten proceedings and he did admit there were times when he could manage a wry smile.

Local justice has been administered since 1361 in the days of Edward 111. 96% of crime committed in the country is dealt with locally and every case starts in a magistrates’ court. Sentences are passed for people who plead guilty and trials are held for people pleading not guilty. Sentences can vary for what appears to be similar crimes when extenuating circumstances are taken into account. Many people attend court, Crown Prosecution Lawyers, Witness Support, – legal advisers, interpreters if deemed necessary – courts can become rather crowded.

The main aim of sentencing is obviously punishment but this is tempered with the opportunities for rehabilitation and anger management courses.A question as to why some cases take so long to come to court, was due to the police and the Crown Prosecution Service not acting swiftly but it is hoped that, in the future, with the aid of modern technology, a great improvement will be seen.

Family courts are civil proceedings and we were surprised magistrates have the power to remove a vulnerable child from its parents and place in foster care, although Martyn emphasised there is a great deal of expert advice from the appropriate parties. Members of the public are not allowed access to Family Courts. All of this gave us a great deal to think about – Martyn explained everything very well indeed, and answered our  questions patiently. Patricia Heap thanked Martyn who donated his fee to his charity, Benchmark which raises funds for grants to youth projects.

The competition for a hand made Christmas decoration was won by Sally Walker and the Flower of the Month was won by Pat Maddaford with primroses. Spring cannot be far away.

Next month’s speaker Dawn Lawrence will speak on Endangered Species the competition is for a wild animal in any medium but nothing alive please.

Wendy Edwards.

Demand Responsive Community Transport – South Somerset Links 01458 250169


We operate five vehicles, driven by paid and volunteer drivers. We are self-funding and have to finance the cost of the cars, insurance, maintenance as well as the staff and office costs. All our vehicles have been specially adapted to carry wheelchairs; our largest vehicle will seat seven passengers or six passengers and a standard wheelchair.



Anyone who is unable to access normal bus or taxi services in their locality can use this scheme. This includes people who are isolated due to financial constraints. The catchment area for this scheme is based around Somerton and Langport. However, if a request is made for transport outside of this area, and transport is available, we will endeavour to assist you.



The scheme is run on a ‘not for profit’ basis, however, there are set rates and these are available from the office at the time of booking. We are able to accept South Somerset Travel passes or Bus Passes towards the cost of your journey. Please ask for the current subsidy when making your booking.



Please telephone our office in Langport on 01458 250169.

The office is open from 9.30am until 12.30pm each weekday morning.

Please leave a message at all other times and we will ring you back.

As we have regular trips each day we need as much notice as you can give us to make a booking. However, we always try to accommodate any emergency trips.



South Somerset Links is a community based transport project run by the South Somerset Association for Voluntary and Community Action (SSVCA), Registered Charity No. 1118417, and operates from our office in the Information Centre, Bow Street, Langport TA10 9PR.


Contact Us

Telephone: 01458 250169


Martin Hawkins Project Manager   South Somerset Links (SSVCA),

Langport Information Centre, Little Bow, Bow Street, Langport, Somerset TA10 9PR

Download the leaflet here  Links Leaflet 13.2.13

Also try

SSVCA Community Car Scheme                               01935 411572

SSVCA Community Transport                                  01935 477399


Village Wassail

The Cider Co-operative Wassail will be on Sunday 18th January at Wheal Eliza, Compton Street, the home of Frances and Alan Riley,  at 12 o’clock.

Bring and share lunch.

All welcome.

Bring instruments to join in the Wassail songs.

Compton Dundon Walking Group – Programme for 2015


    Date                 Leader            Contact     Comments

    January            No Walk

    15 February      Simon & Ali      445463

    15 March       Lynda & Martin     273591

    19 April            Dick & Sue         241618

    17 May        Chris & Marlene     273454

    21 June          Paul                   273624

    19 July

    16 August

    20 September

    18 October

    15 November     Richard Raynsford     01749 890418

    13 December

    From Paul Keen 273624  Dec ’14


Many dairy farmers have seen their milk price fall dramatically. Please show YOUR support for our hard work, passion and commitment that goes into every drop of milk produced.

Here are just a few simple ways you can show your support to dairy farmers in Britain:

  1. Speak to your retailer and ask - How their sourcing policy supports  farming in Britain across all dairy products?
  2. Trust The Tractor – Look out for a quality logo on packaging, not just on milk, but on other products such as butter, cheese and yogurt. The flag in the Red Tractor logo, for example the Union Jack, indicates the origin of the produce.
  3. Discover more about dairy farming here on the site  - explore the pages in detail and discover all there is to know about what it’s really like to work, live and be, a dairy farmer in Britain.
  4. Sign up to our e-newsletter Moosflash to stay up to date on all things dairy.

  5. Follow us on Twitter @thisisdairy to help share our messages with family and friends. Go on – get tweeting!

    Dairy industry in ‘desperate state’, MPs told


Compton Dundon Golf Society

Are you interested in joining the Compton Dundon Golf Society?

We intend to play once a month from March to October, visiting golf courses within fairly easy reach of Compton Dundon to play a variety of formats of friendly, social and competitive golf. We will be playing on either the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday in the month depending upon the availability at the courses.

Membership fee is £5 a year

Any standard of golfer, male or female welcomed – official handicaps not necessary

Contact Ian Dillamore 448873, Chris Mitchell 272596 or Richard Conway 445977 for more information

WI Report – November 2014

Kathy welcomed two visitors, Christine Clarke and her daughter Susan Buxton and we very much hope they enjoyed the evening and will become members.

Following our successful 85th birthday celebrations, Angie, Susie and Wendy attended the Annual General Meeting at Westlands Yeovil where the guest speaker was Michael Portillo. All of us confessed to being fans of his wonderful Great British Railway Journeys programmes on T.V. Michael did not disappoint us, looking very dapper in his lavender coloured jacket which, he assured us, had been made specifically for the occasion. commenting on his political career in the days of the premiership of Margaret Thatcher we learnt of little known secrets and Michael followed on to tell us how he became involved in the now famous railway series. Michael is a great speaker and we were suitably impressed and appreciative.

Kathy thanked Trish and Val for shopping for the food for our 85th birthday party held last month, thanks to Sally for the singing and the Monochromes for the dancing. Trish read excerpts from County News and the correspondence included thank you letters from Mrs Marjorie Rogers for the wonderful cakes supplied by members to fulfil the promise made at the Auction of Promises ACWW for the donation of £30 and Woolavington W I, Bucklers Mead W I Somerton W I Walton W I and Mrs Margaret Biggs for inviting them to our party. Everyone had a very good time.

A fund raising stall will be held at the forthcoming Big Breakfast November 22 9 – 12.

December 5  Christmas Dinner 7 for 7.30 and Sheila will bring the scrap books she has compiled over the years as not many  of us had the chance to look at the books at the birthday party. Please bring a contribution to Secret Santa to the value of £5 – this is not compulsory.

Varied views were aired over the replacement of the cherry tree planted to commemorate the birth of Prince George, which was vandalised beyond repair. The replacement will be our responsibility but the type of tree and its location has to be approved by the Village Hall committee and it was felt that the offer, by a local resident, of a donated mulberry tree would not be suitable.

Forthcoming Events:

Friday November 28 Polden Hills Group Christmas Concert Meadway Hall with mince pies, tea and coffee price £2.50.

Please support this event.

Rosemary Leaf assisted by her friend Rita gave us a very informative talk on the condition, osteoporosis. Rosemary is a sufferer so was able to speak with knowledge and understanding., Rosemary is secretary of the Yeovil and District Support Group and Rita serves on the committee. Rosemary promised to keep her lecture short and that we would all be home by midnight and she was as good as her word.

Osteoporosis occurs when bones become thin and fragile and can break following what may be quite a minor fall. It can be in the genes but there are many ways of  looking after our bones as we become more elderly. Most of these are down to common sense but not everyone realises how important it is to exercise regularly,check with your pharmacist if medicines cause you to feel giddy, check for home hazards and keep it well lit, check eyes and hearing   visit your G P  if you are worried, make sure your diet is rich in calcium, and look after your feet – throw out those old comfortable slipper and wear slippers which help you to stay upright.

Rosemary congratulated us on reaching our 85th anniversary and thanked us for asking her to our meeting but as Sheila said when proposing the vote of thanks, it is we who were grateful to Rosemary and Rita for opening our eyes to the perils of osteoporosis and ways  to help prevent falling victim to it., Everyone went away with helpful leaflets so it is down to us now.

Skittles:Nov 18 Cup Round v Puriton at the Street Inn.
Nov 21 League Match v Middlezoy at the Ring of Bells Ashcott.

The competition for a photo of Wildlife was won by Angie Castle who also took third place with Pat Maddaford second.

Pat won the Flower of the Month with roses.

The 85th Annual General Meeting was also held on this evening.

Kathy thanked members for supporting her and Trish during the year.  Susie read the minutes of the 2013 Annual General  Meeting. Thanks were extended to all committee members and members who carry out various roles helping our WI to run smoothly. Janet gave her annual report, mentioning how very varied our programme had been, members had attended Polden Hills Group meetings, Ladies Who Lunch, Scrabble, Short Mat Bowls, Drama, all ongoing. 2015 will be the Centenary of the W I movement and we only have to keep going for another 15 years to make our very own centenary.

Pat Maddaford presented the Financial Statement.

Sheila Taylor thanked the two joint Presidents saying they had tackled a very difficult task competently and suggested that perhaps, they might like to have some role reversal in the future, with Trish taking the meeting and Kathy in support role.

Trish responded by thanking Kathy for working with her.

A very hectic and crowded evening ended with a welcome cup of tea. No formal meeting in December, look forward to seeing you all in January 2015 – have a very happy Christmas.

Wendy Edwards.