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Flower Festival

Flower ShowThe Flower Festival at St Andrews Church will be held from Saturday May 28th to Monday May 30th, 10am until 5pm. The theme this year is “Anniversaries” and everyone is welcome to come and view all the displays. Plus the Scarecrows made by the Brookside School students which will line the Church path.. Refreshments will be provided and if anyone would like to sponsor an arrangement please call Sheila Taylor on 272344.  Donations much appreciated.

WI Report – April 2016

A celebratory cake commemorating the Queen’s forthcoming 90th birthday, made by Mary Burt and tastefully decorated by her granddaughter Carly was on display, later to be consumed at cup of tea time. Sally asked for a round of applause for Julie Gordon who achieved 3rd place in the recent County Christmas quiz. The correspondence included renewed invitations to visit N F W I

headquarters in London and the opportunity to enter a competition to transform a bra into a  hanging basket –  a bracket.It is hoped Sally will work the oracle here.

Next month voting takes place on the two chosen resolutions. Skittles recommence April 25 when we meet Ashcott W I

at the Street Inn. The designated speaker was unable to come but will visit us next month when the competition will be for a knitted article.Trish thanked everyone who supported her recent coffee morning resulting in donating £350 to St Margaret’s Hospice at Yeovil.

Simon Dore, accompanied by his wife, Allie, stepped into the breach caused by our speaker and took us on a tour he and Allie had taken three years ago celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary. The most striking thing about India is the colour and the birds.

Delhi, a brief history, Hindu and Mongul Architecture. Simon and Allie decided to go into the centre of Delhi on the Underground, having been assured that local people did not use it. The station was deserted, boarded the train but as each station en route was reached, more and more people crammed into the carriages, sardines in a tin had nothing on this. Trying to get back to the hotel was even worse, and Simon and Allie resorted to the local cycle rickshaws.

In a Sikh temple 2,500 people are provided with a free meal every day. Because of many fireworks etc being lit at festivals, the smog was incredible, the sky always yellow. On to Agna where the fort had once had a moat in which crocodiles were kept.

Then to the Taj Mahal, where tourists were given precedence over local people, the former paying a much higher entrance fee.

Bharatpur was reached by train, just to experience Indian railways, sharing a carriage with three men who were fast asleep and remained so. The area is very similar to the Somerset Levels, with lots of birds.Staying at a very luxurious hotel, at Ranihamshore Tiger Reserve, Simon actually saw the tail of a tiger disappearing into the undergrowth.A ride on an elephant took them to Amber Fort and at Jaipur the wedding season was in full swing.At Jodphur a bullock cart ride took Simon and Allie to an open air meal on the edge of a Stepwell, a swimming pool with steps down to get into it.Lit by 1,000s of candles, very atmospheric. Suddenly, they were seized upon and given head and shoulder massage, very painful apparently. Home by Jeep.

Ruby Wedding celebrations at Pleasure Island, being showered by rose petals and wined and dined with champagne and chocolate cake, the latter organised by their son.

Gill thanked Simon and Allie and expressed the hope, on behalf of all of us, that Simon will return at some future date to bring us up to date with news of their more recent visit to another part of India.

The competition for the prettiest bra was bravely judged by Simon with Pat M the winner with Wendy second and Angie C third.

The Flower of the month competition was won by Joan Carbin with Narcissus.

Wendy Edwards.

Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration


Deadline 18th April 2016

Our Parish Council has kindly decided to purchase a Queen’s 90th Birthday Commemorative Medal for all youngsters under the age of 18, who reside in Compton Dundon and Littleton.

In order to claim a medal for your child, you can either complete a form at the Meadway Hall Post Office or email Stanislaw Berkieta
comptondundonclerk@gmail.com giving your child’s name, address, age and confirmation that they reside in the village.

If any Compton Dundon residents would like to purchase one of these medals, as a memento for their grandchildren, then these can be ordered at the same time for £2.50 each. Please place your order, with the cash, in a sealed envelope with your name and address. This can be handed in at the Meadway Hall Post Office.

MedalThe medals could take up to 6 weeks to arrive and so the closing date in Monday 18th April.

Dissatisfied with your Broadband Service ?

Business or Residential Subscriber ?

Connecting Devon and Somerset needs to hear from YOU !

Complete the Survey below if YOU still need an improved service

CDS Demand Survey 2016

With additional funds following the budget for Phase 2 and Business connections make sure that those that represent you are aware of your needs.

Street 01458 44 … numbers and Littleton 01458 27… numbers - you are currently not included in a Connecting Devon and Somerset upgrade Program.

In order to gain a measure of the benefits of the upgraded service whether or not you have upgraded to the Superfast Service please run the BT speed test using the link below


If you have a service, that provides a speed of less than 2 Mb/s then you may be eligible for a voucher from CDS worth ‘up to £500′ for the installation of a minimum 10 Mb/s service via wireless or satellite. If there are many subscribers with a sub 2Mb/s service in the parish then a community scheme may be put in place.


Recommended Action

Contact your



David Hall – County Councillor Responsible for Connecting Devon and Somerset


Dean Ruddle – County Councillor


Regional BT Chief


Personel implementing admin for CDS




Somerton 01458 27… numbers - you can order your Service NOW.

Cabinets serving your postcode are currently live and accepting orders for fibre


WI Report – February 2016

No excuses for careless or bad driving following the informative talk,accompanied by power point illustrations,by Steve Greenhalgh and his team from Somerset Road Safety, presenting Route 60 +.

We were asked to give a two way flow interaction to the talk, Steve was helped by his colleagues, Malcolm and Kevin.All were previously in the police force except Kevin who is still an active member of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Team and also has his own driving school. Automatic drive cars were recommended, be careful if you are a clever lady who can change her own wheels, nasty accidents were illustrated.Golden rules before setting out on any journey, wash windows, check tyre pressures and be aware that to have a dirty number plate is an offence.

We were subjected to an examination regarding speed limits, we scored well in this. A good driver remembers the following two mantras

C. Concentration
O. Observation
A. Anticipation and Awareness
S. Space
T. Time

Only a Fool Breaks the Two Second Rule which applies to distance between vehicles.

A unit of alcohol is the amount of alcohol the body processes in an hour and it is a myth that food makes it safer to drink when driving, food slows down the absorption process.Once over 70 years of age, check photos as only valid for 10 years whilst !licences have to be renewed every 3 years.

We cannot alter yesterday’s accident figures but we can influence those of tomorrow.

We were given goodie bags containing an up to date Highway Code, useful literature, high viz jacket. emergency cagoule,key rings etc. Sally thanked Steve for a very helpful and, date she says it, arresting talk.

Business matters were short and sweet,volunteers are needed for the Bath and West Show. Transport arrangements were made for the visit to Bridgwater Custody Unit.

The competition for a Motoring Memorabilia was won by Sheila Taylor with a second world war headlight shield Pat Maddaford  A a Helmet a d Sally Walker with an old road map.

The Flower of the Month was won by Janet with Tête a Tête daffodils.

Wendy Edwards.