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Have you given your Voucher Code to your chosen CDS approved broadband supplier yet ?

More than 84 CDS vouchers have been issued to premises in Compton Dundon

to enable parishioners to have a fast connection to the internet, independent of BT.

Some parishioners are utilising their voucher to bring benefits  to their individual premises using a Cellular – Mobile Data 4G Wireless Broadband Internet Connection. Currently unlimited data tariff is not available but 60 GB data allowance per month is available. 

(Subject to availability of a 4G signal Outdoors via high gain aerial on the roof or chimney of the premises – the supplier tests for this)

Cellular is good in that it has a choice of tariffs and suppliers and does not hopefully need any additional infrastructure in our parish for now.

SWMB have been out measuring the strength of the signal around our parish and are confident that a superfast service can be supplied to most premises. The router provided by SWMB takes a SIM card like in your mobile phone.


Phone: 01460 298344
Mobile: 07776 333691

Russell Baker of SWMB says

” The CDS VOUCHER (or £495) which includes the 4G Modem, External Antenna. EE Data PAYG Sim Card, Full Installation, and Site Survey and a 12 month Warranty (3 months on the modem), plus 12 months free support.

There is no extra cost for the hardware although a Data Only Sim card needs to be purchased through ourselves (which is an EE data sim card) or directly through the mobile supplier.

Prices vary depending on the capacity size e.g. 16GB to 100GB and the length of contract i.e. 1 month rolling contract to 24 months so you can control your expenditure.

16GB starts from £22 a month. 32GB for a 1 month rolling contract is £28, or a 24 month contract is £25 a month. These are our most popular deals. We also provide at a small additional charge VOIP solutions meaning the customer can use the internet without the need of a landline.

We also boost Mobile Phone signals through either “Wi-Fi calling” through EE, or via 02 and 3 apps which uses the router to boost the signal to the maximum strength.”

In answers to your questions


1.       Exactly how much will it cost? Many people I have talked to you are concerned that they are going to have to pay considerably more that they are at the moment through BT.

The installation and all equipment is free of charge, under the CDS scheme, and there are no connection fees. So everything is free.  Depending on the network EE and Vodafone are currently doing the best deals. EE Best deal is £31 for 64GB but is only available if you ring them. It is 08009566000. Vodafone do £30 a month for 50GB but is half price for the first 6 months (which is therefore £15 a month). We also are resellers for Vonage which do calls over the internet (VOIP) which is £15 a month which includes all calls to UK landline and mobiles as well as 6 countries including Ireland and the USA. If you want all call free worldwide it is £19a month. All mobile phone calls will be “boosted” by your Wi-fi device, to its maximum strength, as can be seen here.  https://www.vonage.co.uk/useful-info/videos/how-to-videos/vonage-extensions-app/


If the customer decides to go the VIOP route, they can drop the BT line rental altogether as you can port your number across . An ATA adaptor connects your fixed line telephone handsets or DECT phones to your router so that they can be used for VoIP calls.  So this could also save the customer £17 a month on average and get free calls at the same time.

2.       How much data do I need? Again, most people currently have unlimited Broadband through BT – although it’s a dreadful service!.


Some downloads and apps are easier to measure than others.

For instance, if the app or software install you’re about to download is as large as 100 Mb, or even more, it should clearly stated in the app or software download description section, so you can decide if you want download it using your inclusive data package.

However, other functions that are part of your everyday use may consume a varying amount of data and could catch you by surprise.

For example, some of your emails might have large attachments that may take a lot of data to download, or some web pages may have more video or image content than others, which means they use more data to download. An adblocker which is free of charge is a good way of stopping this happening.

How much it is likely to cost you for going over your allotted mobile phone internet limit is variable, depending on which tariff you have chosen, and which network you are with.

However, in most cases you may find it is a bit of a shock financially to exceed your mobile data limit. So it is important to find a tariff that matches your data needs.

It is always better and cheaper to overestimated your data allowance than underestimate it, as “topping up” your data allowance is very expensive.

We strongly advise that you confirm with SWMB beforehand to ensure you choose the right data package to avoid a bill shock at the end of the month.

The EE data calculator is a good way of estimating how much data you really need



3.       How long is your contract? Are there any penalties for stopping before the end of contract?


All contracts can be as little as 30 days, which for example is £29 for 32GB on EE or £30 for 50GB on 30 days with Vodafone. However the longer the contract the cheaper it is. Please contact me for the current best deals, as they always vary from time to time, and I always keep in touch with this, however this is an example. http://www.vodafone.co.uk/shop/bundles-and-sims/sim-only-data-bundles/?cid=ppc-mec-auto/sjoqejtxs

However as I say EE best deals are always on the phone.


4.       Can I replace my BT telephone line, but keep my existing number? Will this allow me to have calls anytime? How much will this cost?


Yes you can using the Vonage VOIP method for keeping your number and making anytime calls to mobiles and landlines for £15 a month. I can set this up for you.


5.       What broadband speed can I expect? Uploading and downloading?


We have done 3 “free” installs so far in Compton Dundon. The fastest one was 76 MP/s download and 25MB/s upload. The other ones were 30MP/s download/ 5MP/s upload and 44MP/s download/ 7Mp/s upload. This varies because of the “ease” of line of sight to the 4G mast which we get from using our 4G analysers which tell us the best position to position the antenna, just like a TV aerial installation.

Many Thanks for the questions Ian and I hope it is some interest to you.

One last thing I would add is as this is free people are using this system as “a stop gap” before they get on the Fibre network. Our Download and Upload speeds are generally faster than existing FTTC options, unless you live near to the exchange, due to the poor copper wiring, although GigaClear are doing Fibre to your front door.”



An example of the service speed received in Compton Street showing a download speed in excess of 40 Mbps – this may vary with location.



Roof mounted aerial for 4G cellular data connection



Premises Issues

Do you have a voucher and do you wish to utilise it  ?

CDS say that more than 84 premises in Compton Dundon have  vouchers out of 140 eligible premises

Do you wish to keep your landline so you can still get technical support if your new service is down and you do not have mobile coverage?

Are you committed to an existing broadband contract (that is delivering more than 2Mbps) and therefore would  you be prepared to pay for two contracts during an overlap period ? You may have to spend hundreds of pounds on installation if you have not paid for it with a voucher now.

Listed building consent is required – cost free - for the ‘side plate’ sized external antenna (on the chimney or gable - antenna can be painted to blend in ).


Users Reports


Russell’s team did the install on Friday. I’m fortunate as there is line of sight to a mast in Somerton so I’m getting 75-80Mbps download and 35-40Mbps upload. Signal strength on the router is 4 out of 4 bars.

To add a couple of points to below. The EE deal at the moment is a 50% discount for the Home WiFi offering 64GB data pcm for £30.50 but existing EE customers can get a further 10% off this, so £27.45 (£6.99 delivery). Contract is 24 months then monthly rolling thereafter. Charges increase by RPI annually. Data is capped so access just stops unless you contact them for more, which is likely to be charged in £10 add-ons of a few GB so not cost effective. Given the speeds, HD download is possible which consumes data at about 3x SD so 1GB/ hour v 3GB/ hour.

Points to note that with this EE Max + tariff you get free BT Sport (all channels) [so could save £5 pcm] but you will not be able to ‘cast’ using Chromecast or mirroring device.

David K Brown in Littleton


Thanks to Connecting Devon and Somerset and South West Mobile Broadband Ltd. http://www.southwestmobilebroadband.com We now have High Speed Broadband in Compton Street Compton Dundon. Truly painless installation and now super speedy broadband and actually saving money on existing sky service.

Peter Toby Lindsey






As you will be aware there have been a number of Avian Influenza outbreaks in the UK and a Prevention Zone was declared in December that covers the whole of the UK.

The prevention zone means that all poultry keepers – whether on a commercial scale or simply a small backyard flock – are now required by law to house them (keep them under cover) or otherwise keep them separate from wild birds. This requirement (the Prevention Zone) has now been extended until 28 February 2017. They have also banned gatherings of poultry across the UK.

It is also important that poultry keepers must continue to keep a close watch on the health of their birds, and take steps to reduce the risk of infection via the environment, for example in wild bird droppings, by practising good biosecurity. They should do this even if your birds are inside. If they are concerned it is important that they contact their Vet.

This has been necessary because the same Avian Flu strain has also been found in wild birds in England, Scotland and Wales. DEFRA have taken this action to reduce the risks and help protect poultry and captive birds from avian flu.

Although we have been putting the message out on social media, not everyone uses or looks at a computer. So to help us get this very important message to get out to everyone we would ask if something could be included in the parish magazine and/or put up in the village to raise awareness.

The Food Standards Agency advise that bird flu does not pose a food safety risk for UK consumers. Properly cooked poultry and poultry products, including eggs, are safe to eat.

We have also attached DEFRA’s “How to keep your birds safe from Avian Influenza (bird flu)” leaflet which could also be displayed.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Nicola L J Pearce
Trading Standards Officer

e-mail nicola.pearce@devon.gov.uk
Mob: 07971950919
Tel: 01392 383000

WI – January 2017

Ian Williamson took us on a Journey to Nepal. Ian, an avid walker and National Trust enthusiastic, is a volunteer fund raiser for St Margaret’s Hospice Somerset. Retiring in 2015 Ian is now free to do anything he fancies and he has taken advantage of his new found freedom. Trek to Nepal is a fund raising enterprise organised by St Margaret’s Hospice and Ian decided to forego his fears of altitude sickness and take part. In 2015 there was no trip organised by the Hospice so Ian decided to organise a trip himself.There was a big age difference in the group he joined, people were aged between 19 years and 60+.

April 2015 an earthquake struck Nepal, travel was restricted but in August the way was clear and due to circumstances to be explained later, Ian stayed, on this occasion, much longer than originally planned.The initial track, over very stony paths was arduous, the porters very helpful, carrying many bags in one pack.Nepal is a land of great contrasts, poverty and affluence evident but the views are sensational. Tracking  to Poon Hill, putting up prayer flags, staying in tea houses where the accommodation is very basic, dealing with heat in the daytime but very chilly at night was all part of the experience.

With the border to India closed because of unrest, life was hard with no petrol or cooking gas. On returning from the trek, the group visited a school where there were 300 children, some of whom walk for two hours to come to school. Later a treat was a chocolate cake engraved with the names of all the hospices in the country represented by the group, where at the Bhaktapur cancer hospital walls  of the hospital built to replace the one wrecked by the earthquake, were painted to enhance the appearance.

Ian decided to stay on to take part in a programme, Rebuild Nepal. We saw a video illustrating how a house was rebuilt for a family, who, since the earthquake, had lived in their cowstall.

Very primitive  building tools, relying mostly on hands, sweat and tears. Ian admitted the task was made easier by the presence of two experienced builders.

Such a beautiful country, sadly the powers that be are corrupt and life is tough for the Nepalese.

Ian’s next project is the Manchu Picchu Trek, he had many other interesting talks to give and was always actively engaged in fund raising , also spending time at Montacute House and Lytes Cary House the latter being recommended for an April visit as 6,500 tulip bulbs have been planted again with Ian’s help.  Francis thanked Ian, saying she felt quite exhausted just listening to all he had achieved and hoped he would visit us again in the future.

The competition for holiday memorabilia was won by Julie Gordon followed by Angela Castle and Pat Maddaford, the latter winning the Flower of the month with pansies.

We were pleased to hear that Doreen Smith, recently in hospital, was at home and making good progress.

Forthcoming events. Again we have not been lucky in the allocation of places for the visit to the Custody Unit at Bridgwater and it has been decided to try to arrange a our own private visit.Janet will look into this possibility.

Roadshow at Long Sutton Wednesday 15 March evening, no details except that Compton Dundon Drama Group will provide the entertainment with their rendition of Cinderella.

County enquiry as to whether we are interested in joining a “Tea List”, we will provide afternoon teas with a maximum guest list of 50 people.

Volunteers required for Somerset Sight, to visit sight impaired people in their own homes.

An opportunity to visit Alexander Palace with Weston Zoyland W I In March to visit the National W I Fair.

Pat Maddaford presented the financial statement.

The class for the W I shield at the forthcoming village show is 3 cheese scones.

Craft club recommences Tuesday 17 Jan at 9.30 am with Scrabble at Wendy’s house on Tuesday 17 6.45 pm and Ladies Who Lunch will meet at The Quarry Inn on Wednesday 18 Jan at 12.30. Also watch out for further details of a visit to Castle Cary horsehair factory in April, to be followed with lunch.

Next month’s Speaker, Sandy Bateman Magic of Minack.

Wendy Edwards.

Road Closure – Ham Lane (Feb 17)

Temporary Closure of Ham Lane
TAKE NOTICE that in pursuance of Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulations
Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991, the
County Council of Somerset have made an Order PROHIBITING ALL TRAFFIC from
proceeding along Ham Lane from the junction with Hayes Road and Peak Lane,
eastwards for a distance of 125 metres.
This order will enable G A Doble (Civil Engineering) Ltd to carry out excavation for
sewer connection in this road.
The Order becomes effective on 16 February 2017 and will remain in force for
eighteen months. The works are expected to last for 1 week. While the closure is in
operation an alternative route will be signed on site.
Please visit www.roadworks.org for further information on the alternative route
For information about the works being carried out please contact Richard Sims of
G A Doble Ltd on 01458 448283
Patrick Flaherty
Chief Executive
Dated: 09 February 2017

WI – December 2016

The Christmas celebrations kicked off with some members taking part in the Compton Capers at the Meadway Hall in November.

December 7 and members attended the carol service at Wells Cathedral. In the evening we went to the Lime Kiln for our annual Christmas meal, this was well attended and the food and service could not be faulted. The only thing missing was sparkly earrings, another of our quirky traditions which seems to have lost its appeal – pity. Thanks go to Val Day for the excellent organisation of this event.

Dec 5 saw the Group Christmas Concert at Walton village hall and once again members performed a sketch.

We welcomed a visitor, Libby, to our meeting. Janet told us of a request from the village hall committee for any ideas we might have for improvements or additions to our already excellent hall.

The unanimous feedback was for replacement of the existing noisy heating system, but this might prove to be a bridge too far with problems situating radiators etc.A thankyou letter was received from A C W W for our donation. It seems likely that the proposed visit to the Houses of Parliament in the new year will go ahead as will the visit to the Custody Unit at Bridgwater on January 31 at 10 am but we may not be lucky enough to be allocated a place.

Resolutions were voted on.

Presentation of Cups. The winner of Flower of the Month – Angela Castle

The competition cup – Pat Maddaford

And last but not least, the Skittles cup -  Mary Burt.

This month’s flower of the month was won by Janet Wall with Christmas Roses and the competition for a Christmas decoration won by Pat Maddaford second Trish Cox third Christina Napper.

Our speaker, Deanna de  Burgh who hails from Mells, the village famous for its daffodil festival introduced us to the making of hand crafted chocolates. Deanna, formerly a yoga teacher, suffered a life changing illness in 2010 which resulted in her becoming almost housebound. Undeterred Deanna learnt the craft of making chocolates in all manner of patterns and shapes.Deanna despatched her husband to buy the moulds and the Belgium chocolates needed to get started. Although Deanna favours Belgium chocolate, many of her pupils sing the praises of the chocolate from a well known discount store.

Interesting facts from the history of chocolate beans, the currency was three cocoa beans for the services of a lady of the night and one hundred to purchase a slave.

Deanna manufactured a corgi and a crown for the Queen’s Jubilee and having sent these to Buckingham Palace received a very royal acknowledgment.

Useful tips, do not keep chocolate in the fridge. Kitchen needs to be at a good room temperature when working, it is very therapeutic and grandchildren can be very useful when it comes to wrapping the finished article in attractive packaging. Claire Axten thanked Deanna and we were then able to take advantage of the colourful display of goodies brought by Deanna. We were all tempted to buy, even if we had finished  our Christmas shopping, deciding to spoil ourselves instead of everyone else.

Sheila Taylor thanked the craft ladies for all the articles produced during the year, the sale of which has helped to swell the coffers.

Great excitement as we chose a present from Secret Santa drank wine and ate mince pies. This was followed by a very amusing sketch a parody of Cinderella performed by Janet Davies, Mary Burt, Trish Cox, Val Day and Anthea Bell. Finishing with the singing of carols, we acknowledge the ending of another memorable year, we look forward to meeting up again in January when the speaker will be Ian Williamson My Trip to Nepal the competition being for a holiday souvenir. Remember, subs will be due in January.

Happy New Year to all W I friends far and wide.

Wendy Edwards.

WI Meeting – Nov 16

The secrets of dichroic glass were revealed to us by our speaker, Margaret Harper. Retiring from her post as a Personal Manager as she did not wish to learn the mysteries of computers, the bizarre fact emerged that she has learnt the tricks of her new trade from U Tube.

Originally a friend has decided to live in Spain and disturbed by the treatment of stray cats and dogs, had decided to set about rescuing them. To raise money, cards were made, but Margaret’s enthusiasm for this venture wained when, on one occasion, she was required to make 300 cards. When the said friend returned to England, Margaret decided to raise money for the Beacon Centre at Taunton. After trying various crafts Margaret fell head long for the manufacture of fused glass jewellery. This involves a lengthy process, heating shards of glass to incredible temperatures, in a kiln which Margaret purchased and which is computer generated programmed. Margaret has learnt to do this despite her earlier aversion to anything to do with computers. The type of glass required is manufactured solely in America, but can be purchased locally. Magic happens in the kiln, with colours changing when a temperature of 790 degrees is reached. Margaret says she is so excited by the whole procedure, she finds it very hard to wait the 10 hours it takes for the kiln to cool down to room temperature. Describing her activity, which consumes so much of her time, to her husband as work, this is not quite true, as  Margaret looks upon it as a game, and is so involved often gets up in the early hours of the morning, to check her kiln and the progress of her glass making.

Margaret presented an extensive range of her products, pendants glowing with colour, earrings, brooches and necklaces.Members did a great deal of Christmas shopping, happy to contribute to the fund raising for the Beacon Centre. Sally Walker thanked Margaret.

Trish asked us to spend a moment remembering Iris Burt, a long serving member, who had recently died.

We will represent Ashcott, Walton and Shapwick W I’s at next year’s Annual General Meeting which will be held at Liverpool, Janet will probably attend on our behalf.

The recent Craft Day, funded by our bursary,  had been enjoyed by those who went along, but the numbers attending were disappointing.

The replacement trough is now in position, having been artistically planted up by Royston and Harvey, thank you both.

Val Day had kindly organised the 12 Christmas boxes, members were reminded of the Christmas meal. Secret Santa will take place at the December meeting, gifts to the value of £5.

Patricia informed us of a scheme to improve the broadband speed in the village and reminded members of Compton Capers November 26.

Congratulations were extended to Anthea and Christina who had won the recent Short Mat Bowls competition.

Wendy Edwards.

WI Report – October 2016

We gathered in the small room  as the floor of the main hall is undergoing a face lift. This proved to be a nicer venue and everyone could hear what was being said from the platform.Janet was ably helped by Val as Trish is sunning herself in Spain.Twenty five members were present to hear a very refreshing talk by Claire Rawle on her experiences with antiques with the BBC. Claire divulged that her two ambitions as a 15 year old were
a. To leave school as quickly as possible and
b. To win the Badminton Horse Trials.

Leaving school was achieved when she gained sufficiently good O level results but winning Badminton eluded her, Claire thought this was just as well as she had been more likely to break her neck. At  Dulverton she became a part time assistant at an auction house,  Claire enjoyed the atmosphere of auctions having attended a great many with her father who had farmed in Gloucester. This was followed by a post at Sotheby’s where there was much learning and drinking, one lesson was always carry a file and a pen to look busy even if heading for a coffee break.Whilst working at Sotheby’s only articles of the highest quality were seen.

Opportunity to join the B B C programme Flog It,  Claire was reluctant as she felt she may lack the required expertise but passed a screen test at Whiteladies Road in Bristol with flying colours. The B B C operates to a very high standard with everything conducted correctly.

On to Bargain Hunt presented by Tim who is very knowledgable but very  naughty. For this Show people in pairs are required to apply, it is necessary to have enthusiasm and be able to react well to the camera.

Antiques Road Trip with Paul Laidlaw in which Claire travelled in a T V R Tuscan which is very difficult to enter and exit with a degree of elegance. It was good to be paired with Paul, who always wins, Claire would love to beat him, just once. Anyone who participates does gain from the publicity. It was a good learning curve acting as a dealer as opposed to an auctioneer.

Now back to her day job as an Auctioneer in Bridgwater, Claire will always be grateful for the opportunities given to her by the B B C.Angie thanked Claire. Judging the competition for an antique item Claire placed Wendy’s Black Forest dancing bear first. With Julie’s mother’s nursing notes second and a geological map third. The flower of the month was won by Angie.A measuring book dated 1800 was deemed to be very collectable.

Val has organised the Christmas meal and items for shoe boxes.
An e-mail from Liz Brown of Walton W I informed us of the death of Janice Davies, Wendy attended the memorial service on our behalf, Janice is held in high esteem by us all.

Mary sent a thank you for flowers, cards and visitors following her recent operation for a knee replacement from which she has made a full recovery, a big contribution to this being Harvey’s kind administrations!

The recent short mat bowls competition held at North Petherton resulted in the defending champions, Compton Dundon, retaining their
title with a large trophy to prove it. This is the 25th anniversary of this competition, 14 pairs took part, with Compton Dundon represented by Anthea and Christina, who reached the final by beating Sandra and Joan, also Compton Dundon, then beating Ashcott represented by Janet and Shirley in the final.

Wendy Edwards.