Election Results

Election results for Compton Dundon

Compton Dundon Parish Council – Thursday 7th May 2015



Compton Dundon – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Greg Jones 307 17% Elected
 Diana May Churches 266 15% Elected
 Hugh Allden Thomas 239 14% Elected
 Tiffany Kearton Independent 198 11% Elected
 Stephen King 186 11% Elected
 Geoffrey Walker Independent 182 10% Elected 
 Vicki Nell Olivier 172 10% Elected
 John Michael Rowland 129 7% Not elected
 Graham William Napper 79 4% Not elected


Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 7
Total votes 1758


Share of the votes (%)
Greg Jones  17% Elected
Diana May Churches  15% Elected
Hugh Allden Thomas  14% Elected
Tiffany Kearton  11% Elected
Stephen King  11% Elected
Geoffrey Walker  10% Elected 
Vicki Nell Olivier  10% Elected
John Michael Rowland  7% Not elected
Graham William Napper  4% Not elected








Election results for Wessex

Wessex Ward – Thursday 7th May 2015

Wessex – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Dean Ruddle Conservative Party 2114 52% Elected
 Stephen Richard John Page Liberal Democrats 1326 33% Elected
 Frankie Ashton Labour Party 589 15% Not elected


Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 2
Total votes 4029


Share of the votes (%)
Dean Ruddle  52% Elected
Stephen Richard John Page  33% Elected
Frankie Ashton  15% Not elected




Election results for Somerton and Frome

Somerton & Frome Constituency – Thursday 7th May 2015

Somerton and Frome – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 David John Warburton Conservative Party 31960 53% Elected
 David Digby Rendel Liberal Democrats 11692 19% Not elected
 Alan Ivor Dimmick UK Independence Party 6439 11% Not elected
 Theo Simon Green Party 5434 9% Not elected
 David Alan Oakensen Labour Party 4419 7% Not elected
 Ian Paul Angell Independent 365 1% Not elected


Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 60309


Share of the votes (%)
David John Warburton  53% Elected
David Digby Rendel  19% Not elected
Alan Ivor Dimmick  11% Not elected
Theo Simon  9% Not elected
David Alan Oakensen  7% Not elected
Ian Paul Angell  1% Not elected













Flood Action Plan – the Somerset Rivers Authority.


This is an update on the progress being made by the Flood Action Plan, the implementation of which is now overseen by the Somerset Rivers Authority. Some actions are already funded and are being tackled immediately, while others are more long-term or do not yet have funding. It is our intention to provide these update reports every two months through the Somerset Rivers Authority website.


WI Report – April 2015

A “Funny thing happened to me at a Funeral” was the theme for Clive Wakeley an undertaker from Yeovil who, at the outset, stressed he had no wish to offend but sometimes a little laughter at a funeral ceremony helps to deal with grief, and everyone has their own way of dealing with sadness.Clive talked us through many scenarios dealing with various types of coffins, modes of transport and last minute requests. So many stories, but one highlight was the story of a lady who had requested a cardboard coffin. This was in the days when cardboard coffins were very primitive and in this case, Clive asked the daughter of the deceased lady to come in and make sure the coffin he had acquired was suitable. The daughter took one look at  what was very obviously a cardboard box and said “My mother would not be seen dead in that!” Realising what she had said, they managed to stop laughing and in the event,the daughter decorated the cardboard coffin and it was quite presentable, so everyone’s wishes were satisfied. Clive told of a little boy, clutching his mother’s hand, in the waiting room at the crematorium could not take his eyes from Clive in all his regalia, top hat etc and said in a very loud voice “Look Mum there goes the Fat Controller”.Clive has attended funerals on the back of a high powered motorcycle where the deceased was a motorcycle fanatic and one lady requested everyone stop on the way from Bridport to Weymouth at a lay-by to consume an ice-cream from the ice-cream van as this was something she always did when travelling the scenic coastal route. Not only did the family eat ice-cream on the way to the crematorium, they also called in, to the delight of the ice-cream man, on the way back, hearses and funeral cars piling into the car park, much to the amazement of passing motorists.

Angela thanked Clive for his very amusing and comforting talk, many questions were asked, which Clive dealt with very competently.

Many requests for memorabilia from County, National and Wendy who will all compile records of the last 100 years, amusing anecdotes especially welcome.

Angela Castle and Susie Robertson will be going to the Albert Hall for the National Federation Women’s Institute Annual Meeting  Janet and Wendy expressed an interest in going to the cinema at Yeovil to watch the day unfold, live on screen June 4.

Patricia Heap is our new representative on the village hall committee.

The semi finals of the skittles competition will be played April 23 venue Travellers Rest East Pennard, opponents Buckland Dinham W I.

Women Walk the World.  Meet at the Castlebrook car park Tuesday April 28 to walk around the village, returning to the Castlebrook where mine host has kindly donated sandwiches and chips. The charge for this walk is £2.50 - all proceed to ACWW.

September sees us celebrating 100 years of W I the theme will be a Rainbow Party, ideas wanted please, – watch this space.

We will be entering a team at the Group Quiz at Woolavington June 19. Next month Yvonne Whittamore will speak on Fabric Flowers.Ladies Who Lunch will meet at the Castlebrook.

The competition for a decorated egg was won by Corinne, second Janet Davis and Christina third. The Flower of the Month winner Janet Davis with a mixed display of tulips and grape hyacinths.

Wendy Edwards.

International Folk Music Comes To Compton Dundon!

PhotoA few lucky villagers were treated to an evening of international folk music on Monday 23rd March, when Compton Dundon’s folk band joined renowned German duo Sven and Petra Puchelt for an exchange of rounds, rants and reels. Featuring Anthea Bell on keyboard and piano accordion, Alan Riley on recorder and concertina, and Simon Dore on guitar, melodeon and spoons, the village band shared a selection of Northumbrian folk tunes as well as our local anthem, Drink Up Thee Cider, with the visitors. Sven and Petra speak excellent English but translation was needed in this instance!

You can see some video’s of performances on our Facebook Page

In return, Sven (guitar) and Petra (melodeon) performed a selection of traditional and contemporary tunes from the continent, and left copies of their sheet music for the band. Hosts Vicky Holmes and Richard Conway invited Kathy and Andrew Chiffers to share the entertainment – sadly the kitchen at Kerris Cottage could not fit a larger audience – and Andrew provided copious quantities of village cider to fuel the evening.

Plans are afoot to bring Sven and Petra back for village events later in the year so that everyone can have a chance to listen to their wonderful music. If anyone would like to hear more from Sven’s band, Richard and Vicky have copies of his CDs which they are very willing to lend out.

Vicky & Richard
Tel.: 445977

First Meeting of Golf Society

Thanks to everyone attending our first meeting of the Compton Dundon Golf Society yesterday at Farrington Park, for making the event such a success! We even managed to have sunshine just about all day, very Spring-like! The Course was in great condition, with the greens tricky to read and the fairways with some run on the ball, for those who managed to find them! I thought Farrington Park made us very welcome and the meal, with drinks afterwards, was excellent value.

Most importantly, everyone from the village made new friends and had the opportunity to chat during the game and over a drink afterwards.

Golf 1

For the record, we had 14 players and results were as follows :

Best Team score : Karen Cookson, Ian Dillamore and Andrew Curtis

Best Individual Score : Dave Wisniewski

Second Individual score : Nina Dillamore

Attached are a few photos of the teams, ready to Tee off.


Golf 6 Golf 5 Golf 4 Golf 3 Golf 2

Our next Meeting is at Isle of Wedmore Golf Club on Wednesday April 15th, with the first Tee off at 11.00am  The cost will be the same at £40, to include Coffee and bacon rolls, 18 holes of golf, followed by a 2 course meal and prizes afterwards. We hope as many people as possible will be able to come along and support this meeting and again enjoy friendly golf. Please note that we have to advise Wedmore of numbers attending by 8th April, so please confirm your attendance by sending me a cheque, or cash, or transferring money directly to the CDGS Bank account, details available by email.

Please identify your transfer with your Name, and the date of the Match.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone details below . Looking forward to seeing you all on the 15th April!

Ian Dillamore
East Barn,
Compton Street,
Home phone : 01458 448873
Mobile :           07885 653095

The Castlebrook Inn is OPEN

We can now confirm we are officially open to the general public!IMG_2096

So what are you waiting for? Come and check out our new look!!

Opening times:

Monday – Thursday 12pm-11.30pm

Friday & Saturday


Food served all day


Sunday Lunch

Sunday evening

Hopefully see you all soon!