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FixMyStreet – an online site to share local problems and report them to the local authority

  What is FixMyStreet? FixMyStreet is an online site, accessible through a computer or smartphone to help people to share, view, or discuss local problems they have found, and report them to their local authority by simply locating them on a map. This avoids confusion in description about the location and photos may be added that save many words. The site automatically advises the correct local authority and maintains a record for future reference that may be accessed by others. Updates can be added to keep all concerned advised as to the progress towards resolution of the problem. Reports can be searched by area and postcode so interested parties, groups and  parish and town councils can keep track and monitor progress. Software is available for local authorities to fully integrate their service support.   What sort of problems should I report with FixMyStreet? FixMyStreet is primarily for reporting things which are broken or dirty or damaged or dumped, and need fixing, cleaning or clearing, such as:

  • Potholes
  • Dangerous Uncut Verges and Hedges
  • Blocked  Gullies and Culverts – Flood Risk
  • Dangerous or Impassable Pavements
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Dog Fouling
  • Flyposting or graffiti
  • Flytipping or litter
  • Streetcleaning, such as broken glass in a cycle lane or pavement
  • Unlit lampposts

  How do I use the site? After entering a postcode or location, you are presented with a map of that area. You can view problems already reported in that area, or report ones of your own simply by clicking on the map at the location of the problem. How are the problems solved? They are reported to the relevant council by email. The council can then resolve the problem the way they normally would. Alternatively, you can discuss the problem on the website with others, and then together lobby the council to fix it, or fix it directly yourselves. Is it free? The site is free to use, yes. FixMyStreet is run by a registered charity, though, so if you want to make a contribution, please do.   Can I use FixMyStreet on my mobile? The FixMyStreet website will already work on your mobile phone, adapting to the size of your screen automatically. Using an app has some advantages, though — for example, you can create a report even when you have no network connection.

Practical Questions

I’m from a council, where do you send the reports? You can either leave a test report or contact us to find out where reports go at the moment. Also contact us to update the address or addresses we use. I’m from a council, can we have FixMyStreet on our website? Yes you can! We offer branded, hosted versions of FixMyStreet for local council websites. Full details.   Do you remove silly or illegal content? FixMyStreet is not responsible for the content and accuracy of material submitted by its users. We reserve the right to edit or remove any problems or updates which we consider to be inappropriate upon being informed by a user of the site.

Footpath News – Oct 2011

Volunteers replaced a stile in Peak Lane, and put some insulation on an Electric fence across the Church Path. They also exposed some more of the Church Path in the verge adjacent to Homefield Close in Compton Street.

Compton Dundon Rights of Way volunteers meet every second Sunday of each month.

May we take this opportunity to remind land owners that they should not obstruct Public Rights of Way with unprotected Electric Fences. We appreciate that at some times electric fences are required to keep stock in, but they must be covered where they cross a footpath.

Footpaths News

The Parish Volunteers met on 11th September and cleared three overgrown stiles between Hayes Road and Hayes Lane on L7/15, the junction of L7/16 & L7/18 and on the permissive path past Upper Hayes Farm. They also cleared around stiles on the B3151 junction with L7/29 and L7/31.

New blue lias slabs were laid in Compton Street between Old Home Farm and Homefield Close.

Footpath News – March 11

The Parish Volunteers met on Sunday 13th march 2011 and bolted the restored footbridge of January 2011 together on L25/6 North of Footpath lane and South of L7/10.  A stile was moved and a rail erected between the stile and footbridge adjacent to the Etsome Rhyne.

Footpath News – Feb 2011

The Parish Volunteers braved a very wet and windy Sunday morning to replace a Bridge to the west of Decoy Farm and a step at the bottom of Heck’s Orchard.