Dissatisfied with your Broadband Service ?

Business or Residential Subscriber ?

Connecting Devon and Somerset needs to hear from YOU !

Complete the Survey below if YOU still need an improved service

CDS Demand Survey 2016

With additional funds following the budget for Phase 2 and Business connections make sure that those that represent you are aware of your needs.

Street 01458 44 … numbers and Littleton 01458 27… numbers – you are currently not included in a Connecting Devon and Somerset upgrade Program.

In order to gain a measure of the benefits of the upgraded service whether or not you have upgraded to the Superfast Service please run the BT speed test using the link below


If you have a service, that provides a speed of less than 2 Mb/s then you may be eligible for a voucher from CDS worth ‘up to £500’ for the installation of a minimum 10 Mb/s service via wireless or satellite. If there are many subscribers with a sub 2Mb/s service in the parish then a community scheme may be put in place.


Recommended Action

Contact your



David Hall – County Councillor Responsible for Connecting Devon and Somerset


Dean Ruddle – County Councillor


Regional BT Chief


Personel implementing admin for CDS




Somerton 01458 27… numbers – you can order your Service NOW.

Cabinets serving your postcode are currently live and accepting orders for fibre


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