Hiring the Hall



The Meadway Hall, Ham Lane, Compton Dundon Somerton TA11 6PQ

To find out about the availability of the hall for bookings please scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the bookings calendars.

Hiring Charges 2019

These charges are reviewed annually to ensure that running costs are covered and have been held at the same rates 




Daytime Bookings

finishing by 5pm

or evening meetings requiring one room only

without exclusive use of kitchen


Rate for booking of up to

3 hours


Additional hours charged at £16 per hour (£11 meeting room only)




Meeting Room




Main Hall





Whole Hall

(exclusive use)



Whole Hall

All day




5.00pm – midnight (1am Fri/Sat)

Extra set up/clearing time if available

charged at hourly rate



Whole Hall based on above rates




£150 bond

Weekend Hire from 1pm Friday till 1pm Sunday


Whole Hall

£200 bond


Setting up(max 3 hours)/ 1 Hour Booking – £16 per hour (£11 Meeting Room only)

Erection of marquee extra charge                            £300  with agreement of Trustees

Due to problems caused by helium balloons to the ceiling fans and the high cost of repair, should the hirer wish to have such balloons, there will be an extra bond of £250 to cover the cost of replacement motors.

It is the Trustees policy that Parties or activities that have music will require booking the whole hall as the nature of the activity would adversely affect any other hirer due to the proximity of the rooms involved.  This allows the hirer exclusive use of all facilities.

Hirers booking only the main hall or the meeting room rather than the whole hall may have to be prepared to share the kitchen facilities etc with hirers using other parts of the hall, and will be expected to have due regard to the effects of their activity on the other users.

A Residents’ rate may apply to bookings made for the private, personal use of a resident of Compton Dundon or Littleton, or for an organisation run for the benefit of the residents of the same. These rates are available on request.

MAIN HALL (Maximum permitted numbers)
Party with tables and dancing – 220 people
Party with eating at tables – 180 people
Meeting or Conferences closely seated in rows – 300 people

25-30 people or 15-20 around a large table

Occasionally people request erection of marquees as part of events this is by agreement with the Trustees of the Hall, and there will be an extra charge in addition to the hire of the whole hall.

If you wish to provide alcohol at an event it will need to be agreed with our premises licence holder – a form for this is available at the bottom of the page. There are several approved outside bars who regularly provide this facility at events. Contact the Booking Secretary for more information.

To hire the hall you will need to contact the booking secretary at the following address and ask for a Hiring Agreement form,  but check availability first by clicking on links below and then contact the booking secretary by telephone or e-mail. You can see the conditions of hire by downloading the documents at the bottom of the page.

Hiring charges include use of tables, chairs, crockery etc. We have 24 rectangular tables, seating for up to 250 and crockery for 160.

Bookings Calendar 2018

Bookings Calendar 2019


Kathy Chiffers

Lollover Mile House

Peak Lane

Compton Dundon


TA11 6NZ

Telephone 01458 274531

e-mail: bookings.cdvillagehall@gmail.com  (for hiring enquiries)

cdvillagehall@gmail.com ( for any other enquiries/finance)

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